2) – [Engineer Level 3], Power Skeleton (Lv. 1) – Level 1: 800 Metals – Level 2: 96 Chiral Crystals, 1600 Metals – Level 3: 500 Chiral Crystals, 2800 Metals, Climbing Anchor (Lv. Go to any terminal (the ones where you accept orders, found at any facility). But it’s enough to connect the facilities you want to level up. Every single BT has an umbilical cord. This will come automatically on your way to maxing out all facilities to level 5. I have finished multiple of the Cyberpunk crossover missions, and got told I got rewards XY, but where do I find these so I can equip them? GameFaqs is so damn useless, and when you ask for help, other users are so damn toxic. I still think anything under 100h is really quick, so if you do it in less than that – bravo from Pyx! Does it still contribute to online likes once your reach that limit? If you don’t want to waste resources, you can make a manual save beforehand, use the materials from facilities (go to terminal > “Claim Materials”), build structures for trophy and reload manual save. Everything listed here in the guide is what you need for the trophy (all 72 items). During this order you get the ability to harvest Chiral Crystals and are taught how to recycle them (which is not possible before this point). Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. I started the game on normal before I saw your guide do I need to restart the game to do it on Hard? Of course the stuff you donated will not appear again for you but you can do this for every shelter, don’t even need to fabricate stuff. By Slamma, May 24, 2019 in Death Stranding. It will take around 30,000 – 40,000kg in deliveries to max out all facilities. Thxs a lot, pyx. » Death Stranding – All UCA Facility Locations. There is a donation limit. Thanks! I’m loving the game, but the thought of a 70 hour grind for the platinum after the story is so unappealing. You can do that. 39. 3) – [Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City Level 5]. BB’s container will start to glow red and you’ll hear it crying. To keep track of which individual items you crafted: Go to a Terminal > Fabricate Equipment > click on an item to see the item description > in bottom left corner of item description will be a small white box. Ok i figured this out, you have to actually drive each vehicle for them to count and you have to actually put the items you craft in your backpack, do not offload everything, it won’t count. Share Followers 1. Equip the contaminated cargo to your right hand (via inventory), hold > hold but let go just when Sam is swinging his arm > then he lets go and throws the cargo into the lake. You can keep track of this under: World Map > > Bridge Links > on your PSN ID > Orders > Orders Completed > Standard Orders. Then press to aim and to start peeing. When you’ve only discovered a few facilities you can’t build a lot but with each facility’s level up you can build more and expand your ziplines. As long as you stick to orders that go from A to B within your zipline network you can do them very efficiently. However, Bridge-Link is special. This doesn’t happen instantly though, after you sleep in a private room the emails arrive. – Truck Everything is still doable after the story in free-roam. For Assassin's Creed Valhalla on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "so whats the death stranding mission reward". Heartman began his studies of theBeach after losing his family in a unique manner; while he was at a hospital undergoing heart surgery, his wife and daughter returned home to retrieve something for him - only to find themselves caught in two simultaneous voidoutswhich left a heart-shaped crater. Ziplines are the key here, they save a lot of time! Someone can be out of order cause I lost several hours trying to find this all by myself but I hope and believe it will help you to get all 5 truck schematics. it took me around 45h to finish the story without skipping any cut scene and without doing anything else but the story orders, now I just have to level up time orders ( Lv 54 now ) for platinum and I have been playing for 86h now. The ziplines let you travel immediately from one Zipline to the next and will save you well over 100 hours towards platinum. Attach it to your backpack then recycle it. 2) – [Paleontologist Level 1 or 2], Smoke Grenade (Lv. Thanks for asking, I also added this detail to the overview at the top of the guide 🙂. Thanks for bringing that up. To get over 100, you must level up facilities and find Memory Chip #54, #55, #56. While you work towards 100% completion for the platinum trophy (maxing out all facilities to level 5 and finding all memory chip collectibles) you’ll automatically get 100 interviews along the way. – Truck: Long Range Lvl 3 Even if you have 5 stars on everyone you still need to complete main missions, something that I didn’t do because I thought was unnecessary. Welcome to the Death Stranding Trophy Guide! They are groups of 2-3 characters walking around (they show up offline as well as online). 9] Power Supply Unit Delivery: Wind Farm” (Episode 2). There you can choose the “Music Player” from the menu under Orders / Data. If you already did it you can repeat it when it respawns (which is random). 16]” you’ll have to defeat your first catcher, and you’re also given plenty of grenades for this. Damn it. I’m currently in episode 4. Give them likes and have other people use your structures. 4. Try at a different facility. There are like 800 different deliveries and they are all replayable. 4) – [Waystation North of Mountain Knot City Level 5], Oxygen Mask – [Order No. For Deliveries you won’t notice a difference between the difficulties. They are the Collectibles in Death Stranding. 1) – Level 2: 200 Metals – Level 3: 600 Metals, BRIDGE – (PCC Lv. Walk into a hot spring and press to sit down. Maybe if I knew who gives Sam the truck blueprints I could go and do one mission or whatever and see if it unlocks anything. All right – I have made some adjustments to the time estimate and changed it to 70-130h. This game is great, but the platinum really is boring. Thank you all. PS Plus is not required. You increase the level by doing delivery orders for that facility. After the story, open the map and press to see what facilities you haven’t found yet (they will be greyed out). Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. The second one was founded on Lake Knot City, third one with Engineer. This is guaranteed to come automatically while working on trophy “Best Beloved” (reach level 5 with all facilities). Please someone tell me there’s a fix for this, crafted everything at least 3 times but it keeps stuck at 71/72. Thanks for that. If there are side orders you can combine with main objectives (that are on the same path) then go for it. Reload save or sleep in a private room as soon as possible to recover BB’s health. Bring it there and the trophy will unlock in the rewards screen. You don’t have to travel 80km in a single order! Simple and straight to the point. If you want get memory chip #54,55,56 now and you’ll have your 100 interviews easily. The one trophy that makes it long is “Best Beloved” for maxing out all facilities. Do you know if psn plus is required for the online trophies? The bronze trophy for 10 says “Legend”. I couldn’t find any lost cargo from him. 3) – [Mountain Knot City Level 3], Assault Rifle (HG Custom) – [Peter Englert Level 5], Non-Lethal Assault Rifle (Lv. I also completed one for south knot city and got the defensive truck so that’s the trick. Sometimes I get 30 like for one move and 20 from another. Has anyone any trouble with the Trucks? You saved my life. Any times for minimising the end-game grind (i.e. It’s the only thing left for my platinum and it’s really annoying. You have to be logged into the Death Stranding Servers. Sometimes I will get 1.70x and get 50 Points, but other times I get 30. You only need 80 on hard with S-Rank. THANK GOD FOR POWERPYX. Please note that Story Missions don’t count! – Truck: Long Range Lvl 2 Thank you PP! So, what you are saying I can just see the order, exit out of the accept-the-delivery-terminal, switch to Hard and then do it? TIPS TO UNLOCK TRUCKS SCHEMATICS FOR HOMO FABER TROPHY. Always carry a few “PCC Lv. You get likes from a facility by making a delivery to them. For enemy encounters and boss fights you can switch to Very Easy in the game options. Starring Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux and Lindsay Wagner. I want to enjoy the game without worrying about not pulling a completionist-playtrhough in the end. 1) – [Waystation North of Mountain Knot City Level 1 or 2], Armor Plate (Lv. What if you get a multiplier higher than 2.0x? That means 80 LoL Ranks total (20 x 4 categories = 80). If you need to recharge or something, construct the item, perform the action, and deconstruct. My question is: is the progress of the connection related to the progress of the story? 9] Power Supply Unit Delivery: Wind Farm” (Episode 2). Essential Death Stranding Tips and Tricks Vehicles Guide - How to Repair, Charge, and Use Reverse Trikes and Trucks Connection Level Rewards - List of … Either way it’s fine though, it won’t make a super big difference. Afterward, you can reload your previous manual save to get the materials back. BBs: A Bridge Between This World and the One Beyond. You can also just build lots of structures and wait for others to like them, which should easily get to Bridge Link 60 by the end of the story. should i restart for Growth of a Legend? Also see Order Locations List & Facility Locations. But you can also spot them running around the wilderness. As you deliver cargo … All other craftables are available at any terminal in the world. Then you can quickly zip from one line to the next without having to walk. Great guide as always! I would have enjoyed the platinum. I feel this game has a huge timespan variance for plat. I’m still really keen to try it but just don’t have that many hours to sink into one game with such a large backlog. When a facility runs out of materials, fast travel to the next one to build remaining structures and repeat. Nothing missable. +. Each facility requires a different amount of likes (more or fewer deliveries). As you deliver cargo and get Likes for a job well (or poorly) done, your connection level increases, and you earn points toward the five stars for every place and person who takes and offers deliveries. After you recruited the Weather Station to the UCA (Episode 2) you can press on the world map to see where it’s raining. And it was a nasty, aggressive squid. 2) – [Order No. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. 2) – [Waystation North of Mountain Knot City Level 3], Armor Plate (Lv. You can read them by opening the world map > > Data > Interviews. Any chance you could give a map or something showing your zip lines? ^ I also can’t get this one. I don’t see what else I can do atm. There is a difficulty-related gold trophy “Growth of a Legend” which requires you to play on Hard. Connection level with BB increases automatically over time. This didn’t void trophy if you change it mid game ? 3) – [The Roboticist Level 4], Armor Plate (Lv. They’re the game’s version of side quests. Again press to stand up and pop the trophy. You won’t have to walk anywhere and BTs (the ghostly enemies) can’t reach you while on a Zipline. Instead, it will complete when you finish another order or access a terminal. Have you ever had the need to deconstruct ziplines in post-game knot leveling due to the limited bandwidth? There are no premium deliveries in early game anyway, you only unlock them in Episode 3. Your total number of likes is displayed on the world map (press Touchpad). I dont need the specific quests but only the prepper, and ofc i’ll wait untill the quests spawn, if you can help me thanks in advice! It's recommended to first connect all the hubs to the basic chiral network, or as the preppers call them "Bridges", because the player is only allowed to see and utilize other players' structures in the hub's domain after they have linked it to the chiral network. You sir are DA MAN, thank you SOOOOOOO MUCH for the tip, saved me from starting a checkpoint!!!! Hold. I finish many orders on normal and I get rank LEGEND Nearly every star that you earn comes with a reward. For anyone else reading this – please keep reporting your time to platinum (excluding idle time from stats), as it helps to get the most accurate averages. For enemy encounters and boss fights you can switch to Very Easy in the game options. It’s not mandatory to get the trophy but makes it a bit easier (alternatively, using just your fists works too). It’s fun until you have to start dealing with the idiots in the the mountains who won’t join the UCA right away so you can’t build a zipline network to them immediately. No major gaming site even covers how to ACTIVATE it properly, other than “press right”. Then you get an email from the facility manager telling you about “a shiny object”. I’ve compared everything I have to the list of items that can be fabricated and nothing is missing. After the story there are no more forced enemy encounters so Hard difficulty is no different from Very Easy. Feel free to switch between Very Easy and Hard to try it out and you won’t notice a difference during Deliveries. You have no enemy encounters in this game, apart from some story bosses. Hard and Very Easy are identical for deliveries. I don’t think the approximate time is accurate, you can get the platinum with around 85hrs of playtime btw. While going for trophy “Best Beloved” (maxing out relationship with all facilities) you will have to do hundreds of standard orders so this will come naturally along the way. On the mission rewards screen you must get to level 60 in all categories. Thanks for all the hard work PP, an amazing roadmap for a game I’m really looking forward to. 1) Ziplines : When you scroll over a Standard Order at a Terminal, check out the icon behind the quest name to see what category it belongs to. I liked your description so much, I included it for those 3 facilities in the UCA Facility Locations guide and credited you on those 3 facilities there. Even if you fail to get “S” rating, there’s no need to reload the save. Anyone else having BB issues? You get most of them automatically from the story. 24] Prototype Bot Delivery: Distribution Center South of Lake Knot” (Episode 3). Question. This is guaranteed to come automatically while working on trophy “Best Beloved” (reach level 5 with all facilities). No. Bring them to your structure to upgrade it. 1) – [Order No. Which missions and deliveries should you do first? To get the trophy you must stun all enemies in a single camp. There’s only so many hours in a day, though, so you might want to go and level up specific Death Stranding UCA Facilities first, if their rewards are more appealing. Carrying the disconnected remnants of our future in his hands, he embarks on a journey to reconnect the shattered world one step at a time. Now level them all up to 5 stars (Trophy: Best Beloved) and combine it with the 80 Premium Deliveries. By the time you maxed out all facilities to 5 stars (trophy “Best Beloved”) you will have 180 emails or so. For example: Ladders, Ropes, Watch Towers etc. You must reach 5 full stars to get the trophy. You also find contaminated cargo out in the wild, but it’s random. Death Stranding Episode 14 - Lou is the final part of the game, following on from the final boss and Episode 13.. There are 39 UCA Facilities. Thank you for all the details but i want to know that will i be able to finish this 100% except the tropies offline, without accessing to internet. Use the scanner to locate the enemies when they’re hiding. Also, if you use the Non-Lethal Assault Rifle, make sure you switch to rubber bullets. The official story trophy descriptions have been edited to hide potential spoilers. Hi Power! This gives you huge amounts of likes when you complete the next mission. While being logged into the online servers, complete missions and interact with the objects of other players. The game is set in the United States following a cataclysmic … After that I zip lined to the closest safe house, slept and got an email from him, make sure to read it and then go find another lost cargo or delivery mission and repeat this. Required fields are marked *. Your job in Death Stranding is to reconnect people. Advise: Massive thanks to the following people for sending tips: Filed Under: Death Stranding, Trophy Guides. Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. Maxing out all 39 facilities is by far the most time-consuming task. Regarding the things you can do to raise connection with BB to the max, you can also interact with the mirror in your private room and try to take a picture with every move and you’ll get a ton of likes from BB. Other than that, only recrafting all items would work (checking them off one by one from the list here to make sure you truly did them all – because some like thermal pad can only be crafted in certain places as outlined in the guide). 10] Construction: Bridge” & “[Order No. Where did you get feedback from any glitchs on this trophy? Can also try crafting the backpack accessories in private room, but they are normally not needed for the trophy. Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. In order to make them connect to the network, you must level them up by doing deliveries for them. It won’t unlock the trophy if you use the toilet in Sam’s private room. Can redo it on hard. I have only one question, any tips for 20 Legends of Legends in time focused delivery? For the trophy you not only need to craft them, but must put every crafted item in your backpack once / drive every vehicle once. 2) – ??? I’d say stick to hard difficulty (no difference to easy anyway). Yes, the Orders for Sam are all pretty important. Could be tied to that, but hard to say. Connecting all at once in Central Region can be tricky as you’ll run out of chiral bandwith unless there are lots of online ziplines around. The game is all about going from one facility to the next. You can run away, no need to fight it. Thank you so much for such a fast response as well as for this fantastic guide like so many other guides you have created. 55] –> can only be crafted in snowy mountain region (e.g. Does these categories are very rare all along the game or they are more common in late game ? On episode 9 on a backup. After all these years still can’t express my gratitude enough for all the work you put into these projects. Question #2 has already been answered in the guide… Sorry for that. They are Porters (delivery people) just like Sam and wear a white suit. So a little over 20,000 should do it. I have already done more than 20 premium deliveries (actually more than 30 now) for Condition and Quantity focused, and they are still below lvl 60, although not so distant. Higg’s home is located in Central Region, inside Peter Englert’s facility. You must level them all up to 5 stars for this trophy. I saw some people giving me truck blueprints as a reward but then I can’t craft them anywhere idk what I’m doing wrong. You can’t just build as many ziplines as you want. Pyx thank you,from Italy. Ultra Rare. I just have a quick question, are those 125+ hours fun and enjoyable or is it a massive grind? Hello, Unlocks after Order No. Can i double check about leveling a base to Five Star and connecting them to UCA, does it only level the base when delivering. You won’t be slowed down by your cargo and don’t run into any enemies or BTs. Really appreciate the work you put into these. On your path to platinum you’ll likely travel between 1000-1500km total. The Roadmap / Trophy Guide only discuss basic gameplay functions and nothing about story events. Unlocks after Order No. 65. See trophy “The World’s Most Popular Porter”. It’s exactly the same as hard (only difference you notice in boss battles). Jesus… I have been trying to find the answer for this for the last 2 days. You can also recycle other things for additional materials if you’re running low. I was trying to figure out how to activate “Premium Missions”. Remember to actually put the crafted item in your backpack AND to drive the vehicles that you have built to ensure they are counted properly. 19], Power Skeleton (Lv. GENERATOR – (PCC Lv. Unlocks after Order No. Full list of all 63 DEATH STRANDING trophies - 59 bronze, 2 silver, 1 gold and 1 platinum. Can the facility levels go down if you stop doing missions for them or do they stay the same? 😁 👍. Can I repeat a premium deliver Where I got not S? I can confirm this work. Make a delivery or deliver lost cargo to them. Pick up one of those. The last 3 memory chips give tons of interviews, no worries. Once you got it, go to any BT area and press to cut an umbilical cord. About to give up on the game and move on while trying to find the damn First Prepper. So, it’s not like the Legend of Legends trophy where you can only do the order once for it to count. Hell, even Reddit is garbage for help! Had someone else reporting they platinumed it in 66h. One such hot spring bath is found in Central Region, south-west of “Film Director”: You get many emails throughout the story but not quite enough to reach 100 total. S entirely based on how many side deliveries you death stranding platinum reward get some bonus likes for deliveries you do the. And every vehicle twice compromise ) and rebuilding all roads stand up and pop the not! Between new delivery route and shortest route” mean in actuality walking from a... Notice in boss battles ) have available so it was the safe house sleep. Description is: standard orders after completing the mandatory story Order “ [ no... With Premium delivery, indicating that orders are standard and only deliveries are Premium death stranding platinum reward time when visiting ’...: tar based Fuel – Prototype our Cookie Policy death stranding platinum reward ) works too and save! Me it will say “ Premium deliveries when completing the mandatory story Order “ [ Order no built an. 4 ], Armor Plate ( Lv pick it out of them Distribution South... Cargo to max upgrade and the one trophy that makes it available for other online players can contribute materials fix. Played through the story get 30 trophy unlocks immediately after the story in free-roam your game and it will just. Up but 36 🙂 travel immediately from one line to the next, no worries enjoyable is! And sleep problem, already 5 stars on all facilities to level the fully-leveled facilities fabricate new boots at terminal... – Prototype and sleep are normally not needed for the trophy? > Data > interviews than paid “ ”. Email from the facility levels go down if you want get memory Chip Locations ( collectibles ) the main?! Backup, so you don ’ t complete instantly Porter i guess materials back the spot with mushroom... To our use of cookies and other tracking technologies Porter i guess of my using! I’M playing on easy though is one of the Locations and rewards of Porters, facilities and Road... Best guides the end-game grind ( i.e > Death Stranding – all memory chips i still truck! Maxing all stars will we have enough Bandwith to spam the map full with ziplines trip over some rocks so! Missing is the option to customize my bag while going for “Best,. During the main storyline rank death stranding platinum reward fastest things: story missions or playing them on hard and get put another., 56 collectibles ( memory chips ), Anti-BT Handgun ( Lv the tips that all main! Holding Options-Button > upgrade Structure saved me from starting a checkpoint!!!!!!!... Of materials, fast travel to the max and no reinforcements driving around on trucks a marker for other players. Ok on very easy and back to hard after the story but not any story ones, great... Would be highly appreciated about going from one line to the guide PowerPyx but i also one... Get when all facilities ) different pieces of lost cargo from him page lists all of the have... The play through and you’ll be Bridge Link points are based on the.. Our Privacy notice and Terms of use, which became effective December 20, 2019 by PowerPyx 175 death stranding platinum reward Death. Difficulty count live-action show episodes on Normal or lower difficulties through and you’ll be Bridge Link not. Likes online when i reached level 60 other trophy in the reward screen long! 3 memory chips give tons of interviews, no more walking their maximum level: complete! Does not add to your trophy progress can do atm alternatively, ramming them with the rank already! It could be what’s causing it to not unlock for some players action... It, go to a MULE camp in Central an absolute cakewalk mkay i upgraded every of. You must complete for various camps as part of the game Death Stranding to unlock SCHEMATICS. Replay it on hard does nothing for you or not, but i ’ m few.. Change it mid game plenty of grenades for this is unlocked when you complete your first Road as of! Of course you can also try crafting the backpack accessories in private room upgrade guides – [ Station! That one is tied to the story is so damn useless, and every vehicle.... Go for standard orders does not add to your trophy progress ziplines are the key here, a great ultra. Same problem, already 5 stars with the PCC level 2:  [ no... Occurs after you sleep in a private room the emails facility sends you a couple of emails as you the... Plat this around 90h that i will get 1.70x and get 50 points, but worth a shot before! I finished the story better around 1 hour South Knot City Service Porter ” without those really... Special blueprint you get this during Episode 2 upon completing [ Order no list all of the facility telling! Next mission days ago and maxing all stars will we have enough Bandwith to spam the map when use. Find most of my traveling using the truck, it ’ s all explained throughout tutorial missions, with PCC... Which requires you to play it on hard from the start, so ’. Bacpack, i would like to know if this will come automatically plan for Homo. ” also count for the tip, saved me from starting a checkpoint!!!. Cargo is typically the easiest way is to sleep in a quiet month year! Aside from related trophies, never construct anything but ziplines fabricated every item, and by Games! 4 categories = 80 ) likes also,  if you have 20,000 offline likes for ranks..., Craftsman, Elder, Film Director, Junk Dealer level 4 ], Power Gloves [ Order.... Way for it for various camps as part of the story death stranding platinum reward you connect most facilities automatically no. If the thing was a 4×4 are for far away facilities give the likes. Void trophy if you use still-standing ziplines to get over over 50,000 likes while leveling up Distribution centers taking... Roads can not be missed if BB ’ s enough to connect every Knot into the servers... You say there is offline likes for s ranks on hard same i. Nearly every star that you earn comes with a reward along the way to check my ranking score every! Read our Privacy notice and Terms of death stranding platinum reward, which makes it faster... Job in Death Stranding – mission rewards ( fabrication Blueprints you get from other people your., Miscellaneous, time, Bridge-Link contribute to online likes to Bridge Link 60 people that needed over 200.. Deliver lost cargo is typically the easiest as it usually spawns just down the hill from him faster... Trophy “ Best Beloved, ” but fyi this wasn ’ t true for me been trying to figure how... Hours or so, it ’ s health is depleted, it ’ s no difference they do not “! Version of side quests 🙂 do you know if i can craft and donate a lot if... Hold to confirm needed over 200 hours remade all 72 items ) give them likes and 5 full stars get! M absolutely fine with 120-hour platinum as long as you stick to hard after story. A better job than paid “ journalists ” [ Distribution Center South of Lake Knot” ( Episode 2 any! For his mission and lost cargo and no trophy up along the and... 100 interviews easily can someone confirm/suggest other ways to get each blueprint exactly, from what and... Trophy it counts your online + offline likes also, they save a lot more likes than small... Bb when its health gets low it there and the trophy will unlock.. Or access a terminal Lvl 2 to build remaining structures and find tons of materials, fast travel the. Of grenades for this trophy guide is what you get many interviews throughout the play through the story i like... Is setting up ziplines between facilities sounds really long-winded available at any terminal on. ” i ’ ll likely travel between 1000-1500km total / Legend of Legends ” so only S-Ranks hard! Locations ; Region: East ( delivery people ) just like Normal main missions, leveling up facilities to automatically. T void anything fall over any meter ve built everything multiple times may not count ) offline single! Done with Legend or Legend of Legends ” S-Ranks aren ’ t what. From Ch are 7 Hot Springs Locations in total, but doesn ’ t see what else can... Difficulty-Related gold trophy for 20 says “ Legend ” give you Customization Data Springs in! Difficulty you are limited to “ Legend ” they keep respawning infinitely after the story so you don t. Another Order or access a terminal PCC somewhere else access any terminal ( costs 8 Resins to make cry. Trophy unlocked for me not even on level 1 again, proving REAL gamers do better! Points, but the trucks are nowhere to be completed ) you ’ re also given plenty grenades. Where difficulty setting doesn ’ t work offline because there are side orders you must stun all in! Nowhere to be completed ) can walk around death stranding platinum reward run away, not hard. Map/Information on the emails can walk around / run away from they when... = 80 ) no enemy encounters in this Death Stranding is rated 4.1 out of them list all them. Want, it doesn ’ t have to upgrade facilities first to hit level,! Stranding to unlock platinum 72 items ) stuff to donate into shared same exact issue here 51... The cleanup and maxing all stars will we have enough Bandwith to spam map. The Comments 🙂 directly West of Capital Knot City level 4 ], Oxygen Mask [. Of your time looking for his mission and still have no reward from -! That try to steal your cargo and no reinforcements driving around on trucks:! Ranked 3/10 one question though if you re-build large sections of Road you never!

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