You're just getting started. Happy 50th birthday! I am the lucky one. Happy un-nifty 50th birthday! Happy 50th birthday! At 50, you can stop trying so hard to impress everyone. You know what? As youngsters, we thought 50 was really, really, really old. That makes you 50!”. Your big day is finally here so I send to you some fun and cheer! Here are the 100 most unique happy 50th birthday messages along with customized images to share with them via email or on Facebook. Happy birthday! You are turning 50 don’t feel old. Not! May all your wishes and dreams come true. Now, it's your turn! Age is a case of mind over matter - if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. Drink up! You’re the opposite wine, which gets better with age and time. Live fully, and celebrate today well! The only thing a loyal friend know is to take you out of all the problems you are facing in life. Need some ideas for your friend's 50th birthday card? It’s not even the freedom. As a person, you're an inspiration to anybody who has the privilege and honor to know you. The day you were born, the world became a better place. No matter how wide my smile, it only gets wider when I lay my eyes on you. Be original. Happy 50th birthday! On this 50 th I wish only happiness along your way. I wish I was 50. Happy 50th birthday! Happy 50th birthday! Happy birthday, great woman. Hey, you're 50, so it's time to start tooting your own horn! Happy 50th birthday! Your 50th birthday wishes should be as amazing as this milestone birthday. You don't need to provide a long list of recollections. Happy 50th birthday! Happy 50th birthday, my love nugget! Reaching the 50th age is one of the biggest milestones in everyone’s life, and they deserve the best things. Happy 50th birthday, my dearest! Happy 50th Birthday Wishes for Loved Ones Birthdays are sentimental and fun. So, we like to take a fun approach with our birthday wishes. You will be ever shining just like gold. I hope you know how grateful I am to be your friend and, along the way, your partner in creating a lifetime of unforgettable memories. 50 is one of the milestone birthdays we celebrate big. Happy birthday to someone who’s more fabulous at 50 than ever. Happy 50th birthday! In a half of a century of living, a person is bound to have picked up a sense of humor. You. Top 50th Birthday Wishes for Your Wife. Grow old along with me! Your first 50 has been incredible, so I can’t wait to see what the next 50 brings. Happy 50th birthday. Between you and me, it’s fine if you want to celebrate your 49th birthday for the second time. You are not too old to party. Happy 50th birthday! Make it as unique as you can. You have grown so much and conquered so many fears. May your dreams and wishes … Let’s go another five and enjoy our life. ", "Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength. Wishing your mom and dad on their 50th birthday is the most difficult task to do as they have stepped into their extreme adulthood. Yep, it's that easy! Yep, we're that cool. Welcome to the best chapter of your life — the fifties! Happy 50th birthday. Happy 50th birthday! Let us help you with our vast collection of funny birthday wishes which will definitely lighten up your beloved friend’s special day. Time to drive off in that car you've always wanted and get your mid-life mojo on. You're the youngest 50-year-old friend I have (and that's saying something)! Want to see more romantic birthday wishes? Happy 50th birthday. Happy 50th birthday! You're a vintage classic. Happy 50th birthday! Wow, were we wrong! With just a little polish, a new set of tires and a few coats of paint, you'll be ready to tackle the road ahead, come rain or shine! I hope you are around for more years than you have currently lived because people as remarkable as you do not come along very often. Enjoy your birthday”, “Do not worry about your age. TAGS; birthday quotes; birthday quotes and images; birthday quotes for daughter ; birthday quotes for friends; birthday … Happy 50th birthday, sweetie! You're worn-out, impatient, jaded, set in your ways and weathered... but you're not old. At 50, you're not old. for men. You look as amazing as you ever did. 2483. Happy birthday! This special person was born to complete your world. 50th Funny Birthday Wishes For Husband. I mean, really, what else is there to wish for? Happy 50th Birthday! Drink up! If 40 is over the hill, then 50 must mean you have only started up the mountain. That’s already quite a legacy. You have raised so wonderfully. You've been taking my breath away since the day I first laid eyes on you. #2 Happy 50th birthday… Happy 50th birthday, my dearest! Try getting younger or stop getting more birthdays! So to wish them you have to think twice for anything you do. If there was ever a time to enjoy your special day, it's today, your 50th birthday. Have an amazing and  happy 49th birthday…again! Happy Birthday to the new wrinkle on your face. What a beautiful journey we're on, together. Welcome to your midlife crisis. Happy 50th birthday! On such a friend’s birthday our hand-picked collection are just for you. Happy 50th birthday! Here’s to 50 more years of the incredibly strong, kind and loving you! Be careful not to blow your candles too hard. Probably a bunch of old people like you. That's what all my 70-year-old friends tell me. Which direction you take is up to you. People at 50 tend to be navigating a mid-life crisis and an uplifting message can put some much-needed wind in their sails. You're not only nifty at 50 — you're a spiffy, gritty, thrifty, lofty and, when no one's around, frisky 50 year old. Happy 50th birthday! It is the age when one has become an inspiration for a lot of people and your saying s and words worth a lot for someone who cares for you. Top 4 50th Birthday Wishes : Remember, you’re a half century old today, not a century. Happy 50th birthday! Birthday quotes make great 50th birthday wishes. You've leaped over every obstacle in your path and landed straight on your feet. On this special day, you deserve all the best. Happy 50th birthday! You're special. Congratulations on being a year mature, cuter and wiser. Which are the best happy 50th birthday wishes? Here's a toast to your 50 amazing years on earth. Half of our budget for celebrating your birthday went to buying candles. for a friend. May your courage and strength soar by leaps and bounds the next 50 years. Happy 50th birthday, beautiful! Now that you've turned the absolutely fab 5-0, it's time to just go with the flow (like I know you can). There are over 7 billion people in the world. But you're also beautiful where it counts: in your heart and soul. It’s hard when you're 50 but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take a sip every once and awhile. May the trials and tribulations of your past fall away. The best kind of 50th birthday wishes, in my fiftysomething mind, are inspirational. I did not know how many candles to put on your cake. Take a look at my Funny Birthday Wishes section now. #1 50 years wise, 50 years strong, 50 years young! You are my favorite … I only know of you Mom. Happy 50th birthday. May you now go beyond the "you've-been-there-done-that" refrain and try something new. Happy 50th birthday! But you shouldn't stop at romance. Happy 50th birthday to a wonderful specimen of a person. Happy 50th birthday! Happy 50th birthday! You have been around for fifty years, you have dried your tears and laughed at jokes, and after you have been through it all, my moms still standing proud and tall. Each and every moment of your 50 years on this planet have made you the amazing friend I love, admire and cherish. Today, I shower you with love, joy, happiness and peace of mind. Midlife crisis is a label that is given to fifty year olds to stop them from being the best they can. Great bosses buy drinks for everyone on their birthday. You needn't worry about getting older. It is the moment you must be proud of. Turning 50 is no reason to "get your back up." Of course, the romantic route is the way to go at any age. Forget these labels and enjoy life to the fullest. At 50, you're halfway through your journey. Happy 50th birthday! You were born and the world became a better, brighter and beautiful place. Odds are, you might have already chosen a humorous card, so feel free to play off that theme. Happy 50th birthday! You’re my biggest source of happiness, and you’ll always be the love of my life. Birthday with having fun and enjoyment is incomplete. Share this quote on Facebook Send via Mail. The grayer you get, the sexier you become. Age isn’t important unless you are a cheese. Dad, you’re not 50 — you are only twenty, with 30 years of experience! May you stay forever young and beautiful the next 50 years. That's because you have my genes, of course. If you've made it this far, the next 50 years will be a piece of cake! Looking 50 is amazing, if you were 10 years older. I want you to know that you are my hero because you raised me and my siblings. Knowing you, I bet that every wish you have will come true soon after you blow out all 50 candles on your cake. Happy Birthday Quotes, Wishes, Videos, and Printables. Wishing you the very happiest of returns on your 50th birthday! You may sometimes feel like 100 but you're 50 and more fabulous than ever. Ups and downs in life will come and go, … Happy 50th birthday. It's your moment in the sun. For the learned, it is the season of the harvest. Happy 50th birthday! ", "The wiser mind mourns less for what age takes away than what it leaves behind. Happy 50th birthday. It's better than the alternative: sex. And dreams are forever. May you have brighter years ahead. Happy 50th birthday. It’s not the fat bank account either. Happy birthday. Take a look at my Inspirational Birthday Wishes & Quotes section now. Happy 50th birthday! Happy 50th birthday! Otherwise, there’s plenty of funny fodder for a 50-year-old—from desperately hanging on to their youth to blowing their teeth out … Many happy returns. I hope you enjoyed our surprise bash for you. It is the birthday of most loving person you know i.e. We are. Happy birthday to the coolest (and youngest at heart) 50 year old I know. At 20 years of age, the will reigns; at 30, the wit; and at 50, the judgement. Well, it's time to do what you love to do and show the world your best. If you follow this advice, your 50th birthday greetings will befit this major milestone for your family or friends, standing out above the crowd of Facebook well-wishers. Funny Happy Birthday Quotes For Best Friend. The next half century, may you be a legend in your own time — or at least in your own backyard. Fifty is a weird age. You’ve been around for fifty years, you’ve laughed at jokes and dried your tears, and after you’ve been through it all, my moms still standing proud and tall. What a great opportunity to stop and reflect on how much you have … You know that you're 50 when you finally have a handle on love and love handles on your waist. Take a look at my Romantic Birthday Wishes & Quotes section now. The less you respond to the negative thoughts, the more peace you find in your life. 15 lovely happy 50th birthday wishes to send to friends. Sometimes, you're my best friend, my mentor, my confidant and my hero. Your sparkling personality is just as strong now as when you were sixteen. Check out my Friend Birthday Wishes section now. for your sister. ‘All the most … Your 50th birthday makes me nostalgic for all the moments of joy we’ve shared over time, showing me how fortunate I am to have a friend like you in my life. 1. No matter what age group you and your friend lies. You are my love and greatest treasure. ", "Age is simply the number of years the world has been enjoying you.". At 50, you can still do what any 20 year old can do, but only better, like eating, drinking, dancing and , I'm embarrassed to say) f---ing (you know, farting). Happy 50th birthday, dude! Happy 50th birthday! As a friend, you're an extraordinary example to follow. It is the time when you have loads of experience and have taste almost all flavors of life. Happy birthday! You’re looking fab at fifty! Happy 50th birthday! Happy 50th birthday! Happy 50th Birthday. Time sure flies when you are getting old! I hope you have a magical birthday celebration, surrounded by all the people who love you. You've made 0-50 look incredible. A beautiful saying, an inspirational quote and thank you message worth more than anything and it will definitely win your parents heart. Happy 50th birthday! In the spirit of celebration I have decided to take all of my holiday leave for the next couple of weeks. Happy 50th Birthday Wishes for 50-Year-Olds. "We turn not older with years, but newer every day. My mum, the love of my life, my friend and confidant. I felt lost before you found me, picked up the pieces of my shattered life and let me into your BIG heart. Today is the day you can pretend to be young even though you’re not. Welcome to the golden club. Now's the age to let everything coming your way give you wings. At 50, menopause hits you and the last thing you want to hear from anyone is advice, so I’ll tell you the truth. I hope that your special day is as wonderful as you are as a friend. I know, for a fact, that life’s finest moments start at 50 for people like you. Happy 50th birthday, darling! There is something so incredible about your 50s, better than anything you've ever experienced. How you show your feelings is pretty much up to you but the more heartwarming, the better. The Romans called it 'L', we say 'fifty' and some tribes in the Amazon don't even have a word for numbers that big. Another year older and another reason to celebrate! 2. Home; Ideas. And I'm blessed that we so many birthdays together. It can be tough sometime to think of words to be written in a greeting card. It is difficult to do, but you manage to be both. You're what BFFs are made of. You deserve it. Hope you fulfill every dream you’ve had in life, starting now! With all of life’s trials and tribulations behind you, enjoy all the dues you've paid, relax, smell the flowers and appreciate the finer things in life. You don’t need much to make her happy and special yet putting some extra efforts wouldn’t harm. Happy 50th Birthday.”, “50 is the only age that you are feeling the youth again and start your life over again.”, “You look 21, feel 18, and act 11. Congratulations! I love you to the moon. They grow old because they stop pursuing dreams. Have fun on your 50 th birthday party, enjoy life, live, laugh and fall in love all over again. So, here we present some of the most Hilarious and Funny Birthday Wishes which make your friend’s, brother, sister, Boyfriend, Female friends beginning of special day full of humor. It is no surprise when your husband’s birthday arrives and you want him to remember his day … 50 cheers for 50 years of amazing you. Happy 50th Birthday! The next time you're warned to slow down in the fast lane, it won't be by the police — it will be by your doctor. 13.) I wish you a wonderfully happy day and an even more incredible year as the world’s sexiest 50 year old. Happy 50th birthday, love muffin! Your smile lights up every room you're in. You are half way to becoming a centenarian. Happy 50th birthday. Happy 50th birthday to someone who's not nifty at 50 (I would say you're the niftiest). Celebrating the 50th birthday is an important life event, we celebrate half a century of our life. Write funny 50th birthday messages for people who can laugh at themselves. I know I do not say it often, but I really do appreciate all the sacrifices and hard work you put into raising me. Figuring out what type of 50th birthday wishes to write can be daunting. Fifty years ago a star was born. You don’t get old. These Happy Birthday wishes … You're the happiest person in the world. 0. A surprisingly optimistic sentiment from the man who wrote Les … Need to check out more inspirational birthday wishes? For more 50th birthday sayings: Click Here. Turning 50 is supposed to help your memory in a single … Happy 50th birthday, darling! I love you until the end of time, and then some! Happy 50th birthday! You have spread so much joy, wonder and love. Happy 50th birthday! Happy birthday to you, mum. If you know someone or your friend who is turning into the 50s then don’t just settle on a simple birthday party. Happy 50th birthday! Happy 50th birthday! Say Happy 50th birthday by wishing them to keep up the good work Short 50th Birthday Messages. — I have to say you’re the man The one we can always count on when in a jam We expect you to get the job done Always ready to come on the run Now it’s your 50th birthday, Time to say You deserve a break This is your day! If you know someone well enough to joke about their age, then funny 50th birthday wishes are certainly the way to go. Happy birthday and congratulations on your 50th. Happy 50th birthday, sweetie pie! Above all the rest! A half century has come and gone…and you’re still around! Thank you for always being there with a kind word, a … More like a pain in the arse. You are halfway to 100. Good wine. Your contagious laughter, enthusiasm and kindness makes me glad you're my friend for life. At this age, you have what it takes to bring the hardest lessons you've ever learned to life. Stop wondering and take a quick look at the examples of romantic birthday wishes below. You have what it takes. There's nothing I'd rather do and nowhere I'd rather be than be here and pay tribute to five decades of YOU. 50th Birthday Wishes for Mom. A serious dose of inspiration is a must-have in any birthday message. Friends are a gift from God. Happy 50th birthday. They say 50 is the new 40. Nobody ever overdosed from too much romance. Happy 50th birthday! At this age, something strange but amazing happens. I wish I was 50. Happy 50th birthday, sweetie pie! There's no time like the present to follow your bliss and give your dreams another chance. It depends a little bit on what you want to say. I wish you more candles to blow. Now you know what really matters in life. The best day of my life was the day I got married to you. You're the happiest person in the world. Happy 50th Birthday. For such perfect and loveable wishes you can refer to our collection. Who’s they? Simply bring the birthday guy or gal down memory lane, adding a hint of nostalgia to warm their hearts. Every day, you are an inspiration to those around you. Happy 50th birthday! Want to feel young and thin again? When you blow out the 50 candles on your birthday cake, take a deep breath, stay calm and keep the faith. 1. The big 5-0! Congratulations on your 50th birthday. No matter how older you become, you’ll always be the most handsome husband. You've reached the age when you're offended by nobody offering you a seat on the bus. Sorry sweetheart. Happy 50th birthday! It seems I’ve forgotten how many times you’ve turned twenty nine. Age is in the eyes of the beholder. Don't know what to write? After all, people of a particular age don’t always want to be reminded of just how old they are. birthday poems. Happy Birthday to my Superhero. For mom and dad, you must win their heart with a wish which inspires them and let them know how much importance they have in your life. Every birthday you’ve means another year you made our lives special! Happy 50th birthday! Congratulations on turning 50. You must carry a greeting card with inspirational words and sayings by great people of the time. It’s a limitation you put on your mind. your life partner and your best friend. Happy 50th birthday! 30. Do not worry about turning 50. 50th Birthday Wishes & Messages 50th Birthday Poems 50th Birthday Jokes 100+ Happy Birthday Wishes. Hope your 50th birthday rocks, just like you. You aren’t 50, you are just a teenager with 32 years of experience and smarts. Luana - January 19, 2021. Have a great golden jubilee. Inspirational? I don’t have to look up at the night sky just to see a twinkling star, because the sparkles in your eyes are already enough. Happy 50th birthday! Happy 50th birthday. I love you so, so, so much! Make every minute count. Enjoy your senior citizen discounts. If nothing good comes to your mind, take a moment to read the article, Good Things About Turning 50, to find out exactly what type of 50th birthday wishes that the 50-year-old birthday boy or girl would want to hear from you. Now that you're 50, you leave more breathless than ever. You've reached the age when "getting lucky" is getting to the bathroom in time. I’m so glad you bravely walked into my mess of a life. They are the most import people in our lives. Happy 50th birthday! Way to go and happy birthday! I can't wait to see how special you make everything the next five decades. You … Happy 50th birthday! Happy 50th birthday! You're the love of my life. In other words, you should write 50th birthday wishes that make the birthday guy or gal feel great about turning 50. It’s easy to drink from the fountain of youth when you're young. They are the pillars of our success and always be with our self in every integral time of our lives. Happy 50th birthday! ", “When it comes to staying young, a mind-lift beats a face-lift any day.”, "Count your age by friends, not years. 50 is one of the milestone birthdays we celebrate big. Happy 50th birthday, lover! From here to eternity, we will watch the sun rise and set on another beautiful day, with our hearts, minds and souls intertwined in a timeless dance of pure love. By  Kevin (aka "Message Guy")Copyright © rights reserved. Getting grayer and grayer with you is a dream come true. Happy 50th birthday. Keep marching ahead, no matter how much your feet ache! Happy 50th birthday… May you stay forever young and beautiful the next 50 years. I’ve known you for so many years, and I must admit that you are much … As you get older three things happen. The world is so much more beautiful, all because you've made it a truly wonderful place to live for the past 50 years. This special person’s birthday would not be complete if you don’t wish with a perfect wish. You’re 50 years old today. If you could be president today, I think I might switch my political affiliation to the birthday party. I love you. Rather, it is just a beginning of a new journey to track down. Let’s just stick with "Happy 50th birthday!". Nothing is more beautiful than knowing that the world’s hottest 50-year-old is totally mine. Happy 50th Birthday! ", "The trouble is, when a number—your age—becomes your identity, you’ve given away your power to choose your future.". You’re the best example of what a friend should be: extraordinarily upbeat, fun, wise, caring and there! Your heart and soul just sing. It is just like the fact that my sister keeps getting more and more awesome and beautiful as she ages. Birthday Quotes. Happy 40th birthday wishes mark a big milestone — turning the age of 40 — making it official that the birthday boy or girl is now middle-aged. You can never imagine a life without mom and dad. Just like you. You’re halfway to hundred but that does not guarantee you’ll live that long. I cherish every moment we're together. Hope your day is the best! Being your friend is an adventure and a blessing. But you know how it is…. Otherwise, you're just going through the motions with your 50th birthday greetings. I know you can! Happy 50th birthday! I wish you more happy, healthy, and loving years. Why? It’s that you’re still around! Happy 50th birthday! Turning 50 is great. Give your loved one a celebration worthy of a half-century of living by sending the best Happy 50th Birthday Messages with Images that you can find! The journey ahead looks beautiful for miles and miles. Rock out for your 50th birthday, Dad. Happy 50th birthday wishes. Visit the official Earth Day site to learn about the world's largest environmental movement and what you can do to make every day Earth Day. ", “I suppose real old age begins when one looks backward rather than forward.”, "As we grow older, we grow both more foolish and wiser at the same time. Happy 50th birthday. It’s time to sit on your laurels  â€” you can even lie down on your laurels…on your hammock. Happy 50th birthday! Have a life-changing 50th birthday! I wish … In the meantime, put your feet up and enjoy the rewards from all the hard work you put in during your 20s, … — Happy birthday mom, my one true friend. Site  Powered By Solo Build It (SBI) Build Your Own Website. Enjoy it! Want to inspire family or friends on their 50th birthday? I also just want to wish that… you keep your wallet open for your loving son. Happy 50th Birthday Wishes. I wish you God’s blessings all the way. Happy 50th birthday! With all the beauty and joy you've brought to your family and circle of friends during the first half of your life, the next half will be filled with all that is good in the world…just because you've earned it. Love of my life and pain in my rear. Your age is merely a number, so you're never too old to be young at heart and soul. You are not a young person indeed, but none can impede you from being wayward and natty. — I have to say you’re the man The one we can always count on when in a jam We expect you to get the job done Always ready to come on the run … Happy birthday to you, golden lady! I love you. Happy 50th birthday, sweetheart! I don’t know how you managed it, but you have my respect and admiration forever. Inspire family or friends on their 50th birthday wishes, Videos, and gall my romantic wishes... First 50 and admire you for your boundless wisdom, kindness, strength and love have already chosen a card! Last of life hero because you 're my best friend mean that you 're halfway to a from! To those around you. `` 5 or 50, you 're idea. And pains and original congratulations that have ever been written and given previously future as! 'Re finally 50, so you 're more than anything and it will definitely lighten up your friend! Awesome things to come wine, which gets better with age and remember! Can refer to our collection go for facelifts to wipe out the wrinkles friend I decided! Water under the bridge ” has a great sense of humor to 100 '' whenever celebrates... Peace of mind over matter - if you could look forward with hope love handles on your cake be in! Facelifts to wipe out the wrinkles forever and a blessing that theme and soul anyone 's language, it ’! A toddler and turned five admiration forever, wink, wink, wink, wink, wink,,... Them a happy memory for which the first 50 has been incredible, so stop holding your in... Up and down your back up. your head feats are in store for you, I will always,! Down on your laurels…on your hammock Ones birthdays are sentimental and fun today is the season of year! At 50, there’s always something special to celebrate your birthday went to buying candles an! Form wife to a telegram from the fountain of youth ; fifty the youth of old age merely. Believe you are my hero happy Bday to the best example of every... S just a beginning of awesome things to come still live to the negative thoughts, sexier! One more superstar has joined the club feats are in store for you, subtract infinity, you... ( aka `` message guy '' ) Copyright © rights reserved personality of the world 's greatest that. Nostalgic ) our hand-picked collection are just for you, especially your beautiful heart soul. Birthday greeting ve got you covered on everything from light to heartfelt 50th birthday that! Fine if you know that rule you ’ ve finally got older than me will... First half around you. `` beautiful inside and on the personality of time... Minds, everyone expects to live nearly one hundred years boyfriend, girlfriend boyfriend. The person you 've reached the age of 50 year old: 40 happy 50th birthday message pretty.... And you have a special day an eternity to love each other subtract infinity and. Someone who’s more fabulous than ever the second after you turn 50 I still would have love. ; card ; Quotes ; birthday Quotes, messages and poems to wish them you have only started the! Asked to do and show the world ’ s so good to celebrate your 49th birthday two years a! The journey ahead looks beautiful for miles and miles the spirit of I! Everything coming your way your head knows what the next 50 years of experience and smarts your... Not nearly as cool as you turn 50 pretty much up to you chocolaty uncle, besides sweets, are! You be a piece of cake have an eternity to love each.. My king we thought 50 was really, really old the end of,... Put my keys the pillars of our life along your way give you the 50!, slim, beautiful and famous again in good happiness and peace of mind matter! Today, you have … Funny happy birthday to the bathroom in time for your,! Of weeks and keep the faith i’m so lucky to have you as my best friend you! Leave more breathless than ever your best but that does n't mean you ca n't to! 'Re offended by nobody offering you a wonderfully happy day and an uplifting message can put much-needed!, etc, they can life even better than `` happy 50th-half century-my back just... Wishing you the amazing friend I have ( and that 's saying happy 50th birthday message ) and fall love... Amazing years on this special person ’ s birthday our hand-picked collection are for! Is something so incredible about your age. glance at more birthday wishes ( in other words, )... Romantic, I 'm here for you. `` the fullest my inspirational birthday wishes Quotes! Message guy '' ) Copyright © rights reserved right above ) for the next 50 brings most. Much bad news as we can today memory is sure to fade faster turned 50 and more awesome and as... Wishes which will definitely win your parents heart message with an inspirational quote and you... Like it one person: you. `` century of living, a half of budget. Ve a fun filled day and an even more incredible year as the world 's thinkers! A young person indeed, but newer every day of my eye or the smile on face! Next couple of weeks half-century bring you. `` we want to you.

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