Abu Nawas Sabah Folk Version: Intertextuality and Creativity

Low Kok On [Abstracts and References|Full Text (PDF)]

Raja Haji Yahya in the History of 20th Century Malay Literature

Jelani Harun [Abstracts and ReferencesFull Text (PDF)]

At the Border: Malaysian Poets Dismantling Fences

Muhammad Haji Salleh [Abstracts and ReferencesFull Text (PDF)]

Japanese Culture in Modern Malay Literature:  Experiences and Observations of Malay Writers

Siti Hajar Che Man and Ratna Roshida Ab Razak [Abstracts and ReferencesFull Text (PDF)]

Searching New Paradigms of Malay Women: What We Can Learn from Literature?

Halimah Mohamed Ali  [Abstracts and ReferencesFull Text (PDF)]

The Translation of Foreign Novels into Malay by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka
Haslina Haroon and Melati Abdul Majid [Abstracts and ReferencesFull Text (PDF)]

Book Review

Di Bawah Langit Rampai Sastera Melayu Baru Patani

Rahimah A. Hamid  [Full Text (PDF)]


Obituary of Rainer Carle

Arndt Graf [Full Text (PDF)]

Farewell Abdullah Hussain

Nurhanan Ilhami Sulaiman [Full Text (PDF)]

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