North Sumatran Malay Folktales: Its Structure, Social Function and Meaning

T. Thyrhaya Zein [Abstracts and References|Full Text (PDF)]

Closure: An Appropriated Technique in Malay Absurd Plays

Mas Rynna Wati Ahmad [Abstracts and ReferencesFull Text (PDF)]

Administrative Ethics in Noordin Hassan’s Sirih Bertepuk Pinang Menari and Mana Setangginya?

Rohani Md Yousoff [Abstracts and ReferencesFull Text (PDF)]

Ibrah and Tarbiyah: The Approaches to Learning and Teaching in Kuasa Kata dari Lisan Mengalir ke Lautan Aksara

Kamariah Kamarudin [Abstracts and ReferencesFull Text (PDF)]

Rethinking Botanic Gardens: The Human Dimension of Nature in Selected Poems by Muhammad Haji Salleh

Sohaimi Abdul Aziz [Abstracts and ReferencesFull Text (PDF)]

Book Review

Teater Filem dan Pengurusan Seni

By  Hatta Azad Khan

Reviewer: Abdul Wahab Hamzah [Full Text (PDF)]

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