History, Memory and Remembering: An Exploration of Cultural Memory in the Historiographical Tradition of Malay Poetry

Kartini Anwar [Abstracts and ReferencesFull Text (PDF)]

The Tale of The Four Dervishes: The First Urdu Romance Translated into Malay

Vladimir Braginsky [Abstracts and References|Full Text (PDF)]

Hikayat Kelana Sita Kembara sebagai Naskhah Cerita Panji Melayu

Wan Khairoslinda Wan Mohd. Khairi, Zubir Idris, and Yusmilayati Yunos [Abstracts and ReferencesFull Text (PDF)]

Elements of Dakwah and Local Wisdom of the Bajaus in the
Anthology of Poetry Iltizam

Rabiatul Adawiah Ab. Samad, Low Kok On and Hashim Awang [Abstracts and ReferencesFull Text (PDF)]

Teori Moral Alamiah: Satu Gagasan

Chong Ah Fok [Abstracts and References| Full Text (PDF)]

Malay Authorship in Landskap Ungu: From Artistic Source to Intellectual Impact

Arbak Othman [Abstracts and ReferencesFull Text (PDF)]

Academic Journey

A Discovery Of Genius And Identity

Muhammad Haji Salleh [Full Text(PDF)]

Book Review

Proses Kreatif Sensitiviti dan Kreativiti Pengarang

By  Rahimah A. Hamid

Reviewer: Norhayati Ab. Rahman [Full Text (PDF)]


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