Kejawen (Javanese Sufism) and Perennial Philosophy in Kuntowijoyo’s Khotbah di Atas Bukit

Mohd. Faizal Haji Musa [Abstracts and References| Full Text [PDF]]

Tradition in the Novels of Anwar Ridhwan and Putu Wijaya

Mawar Shafei [Abstracts and References| Full Text [PDF]]

Light, Sound and Frangrance: The Impact of Sufism on the Aesthetics of Traditional Malay Literature

Vladimir Braginsky [Abstracts and References| Full Text [PDF]]

Reviewing the Short Story Anthologies of Zurinah Hassan: Convention Versus Innovation

Siti Hajar Che Man [Abstracts and References| Full Text [PDF]]

The Concept of Tazkiyah Al-Nafs in the Female Character in the Novel The Missing Piece

Nur Lailatul Akma binti Zainal Abidin and Kamariah Kamarudin [Abstracts and ReferencesFull Text [PDF]]

Occidentalism in the Malay World: The West Through the Eyes of Abdullah Munshi

Ahmad Murad Merican [Abstracts and References| Full Text [PDF]]

“Marriage of the Disciplines of Literature and Geography (GIS): Analysing the Location and Function of Mountains in Selected Works of Asian Literature

Rahimah A. Hamid and Tarmiji Masron [Abstracts and References| Full Text [PDF]]

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