In Search for Canon of Singapore Malay Poetry: Reflection on Nature, Race, Religion and Love

Hadijah Rahmat [Abstract dan References | Full Text [PDF]]

The English Language and Global Literary Influences on the Work of Shahnon Ahmad

Harry Aveling [Abstract dan References | Full Text [PDF]]

The Muslim Woman’s Personality and the  Development of Insan Al-Kamil in the Novels of Faisal Tehrani and Isa Kamari

Siti Rabeah Masri, Kamariah Kamarudin and Pabiyah Hajimaming [Abstract dan References | Full Text [PDF]]

The Narrative Axis and Narrative Space of Jeriji Kasih: A Text Analysis Based on Genuine Literature

Shamsudin Othman and Muhammad Zarif Hassan [Abstract dan References | Full Text [PDF]]]

Adolescent Knowledge Indexes in Detektif Indigo

Tengku Intan Marlina Mohd Ali and Salinah Ja’afar [Abstract dan References | Full Text [PDF]]]

Women and Beauty in Noordin Hassan’s Plays

Rohani Md Yousoff [Abstract dan References | Full Text [PDF]]]

Book Review

Rindu Aroma Padi Bunting

By Hashim Ismail [Full Text [PDF]]

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