Mir’at Al-Tullab By Syeikh Abdul Rauf Singkel: A Preliminary Study of Manuscripts Kept in the Special Collections, Leiden University Library

Jelani Harun [Abstract dan ReferencesFull Text [PDF]]

Narratives of War: Acehnese Perception of the Prang Kaphe in 19th/20th Century Colonial Era

Noriah Taslim [Abstract dan ReferencesFull Text [PDF]]

Si Tenggang in the Postcolonial Arena: A Search for Identity and Sustainability in the Works of Muhammad Haji Salleh

Md. Salleh Yaapar [Abstract dan ReferencesFull Text [PDF]]

Nyai in Patriarchal and Colonial Society: A  Subaltern Study of Nyai Ontosoroh in Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s Bumi Manusia

Abdul Jalil Ramli and Sohaimi Abdul Aziz [Abstract dan References| Full Text [PDF]]

The Concept of Qudwah Hasanah and Muslim Women’s Roles in the Strengthening of the Ummah: An Analysis of Recent Malay Novels

Kamariah Kamaruddin [Abstract dan ReferencesFull Text [PDF]]

Book Review

Dunia Belum Kiamat

By Abdul Wahab Hamzah [Full Text [PDF]]

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