Special Issue

Post ‘65 Malay Literature of Singapore and Malaysia

Guest Editor: Sohaimi Abdul Aziz



Two Ecospheres, One Literature: Post-1965 Developments in Malay Literature in Singapore and Malaysia

Md. Salleh Yaapar [Abstract dan References | Full Text [PDF]]

Roar of the Lion in the Literary Jungles of  Nusantara

Hadijah Rahmat [Abstract dan ReferencesFull Text [PDF]]

The Secession of Singapore from Malaysia: a Historical Interpretation of the Novel Satu Bumi

Sohaimi Abdul Aziz [Abstract dan ReferencesFull Text [PDF]]

A Writer’s Vision and Creative Process in Retelling the Singapore Story

Isa Kamari [Abstract dan References| Full Text [PDF]]

Preserving Singapore-Johor-Riau Literature

Kartini Anwar [Abstract dan ReferencesFull Text [PDF]]

Abdullah Bin Abdul Kadir: Hadijah Rahmat’s Focal Point In Malay Literature

Mawar Safei [Abstract dan ReferencesFull Text [PDF]]

Temasik:  Between Convention And Invention

Siti Hajar Che Man [Abstract dan References Full Text [PDF]]

Malay Literature in Singapore: Lines of Thought and Conflicting Ideas

Azhar Ibrahim [Abstract dan References | Full Text [PDF]]

Socio-Cultural Problems of the Malay Community in Singapore and in Penang: A Study of Kilat Senja and Aci Patmabi

Jelani Harun [Abstract dan References| Full Text [PDF]]

The Figurative Language in the Poetic Diction of  Masuri S.N. and A. Samad Said: A Comparison

Rahimah A. Hamid [Abstract dan ReferencesFull Text [PDF]

Book Reviews

Memanah Bulan

by Siti Aisah Murad [Full Text [PDF]]

Nyanyian Si Anak Dagang

by Saifullizan Yahya [Full Text [PDF]]

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