1.1. User’s Privacy
(a) This blog explains the privacy policy which includes the usage and information security.
(b) For any comments or response which includes personal information, sharing of the personal information with other government agency might occur to assist in providing effective service. An instance is in settling complaints which requires response from other agencies.

1.2. Rights of Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka in Displaying User’s Comments
(a) Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka reserves the rights not to display inappropriate responses or input.

1.3. Information Filter
(a) No personal information is gathered while you are surfing this blog unless for name and e-mail address provided should you wish to comment or response through this blog.

1.4. Links
(a) This blog has links to other websites (or blogs). The privacy policy is meant solely for this blog. Please be reminded that blogs and websites linked might have different private policy and visitors are advised to study and understand the private policy of each blog and websites visited.

1.5. Policy Amendment
(a) Should amendment of privacy policy is made; it shall be updated on this blog. With frequent visits, you will be updated with the latest information, blog usage and how information is shared with certain parties in certain conditions.


2.1. Data Protection
(a) Input data will be protected. Standard security policy is followed to prevent any unapproved access.

2.2. Storage Security
(a) For each of electronic storage and personal information’s input will be protected and stored using appropriate security technology.

2.3. Blog Act
(a) Blog users are bound to the Communication and Multimedia Act 1998.