Linear second-order differential equations; first-order systems with constant coefficients. Comment: Students who need special accomodation for examinations should bring me the appropriate paperwork, and must tell me at least a week in advance of each exam what accomodation they need for that exam, so that I will have enough time to arrange it. Linear functionals. Quiz 7. Description Waves and diffusion, initial value problems for hyperbolic and parabolic equations, boundary value problems for elliptic equations, Green's functions, maximum principles, a priori bounds, Fourier transform. The first section is on Friday 1/24 (1/23). We review the conceptual framework of the material covered in lecture and give you time to work on and learn from problems of varying difficulty in order to achieve mastery. The following is a list of my teaching posts at UC Berkeley. Description Analytic functions of a complex variable. Vector calculus. Complex numbers, fundamental theorem of algebra, mathematical induction, binomial theorem, series, and sequences. Description The Berkeley Seminar Program has been designed to provide new students with the opportunity to explore an intellectual topic with a faculty member in a small-seminar setting. Possibly we will also discuss the Costello program for extracting higher genus curve counts from categorical information. We offer students the analytical tools available to examine media—old and new, local to global—as well as media consumption and meaning-making processes. The ideal participant would have research experience in one of these areas and an eager interest in building bridges. Free online. Description: Basic linear algebra; matrix arithmetic and determinants.Vector spaces; inner product spaces. Description The real number system. Midterm 3 @ 2020-04-30 11:56:25-07:00 EECS 70 Discrete Math and Probability Spring 2020 UC Berkeley Midterm 3 1.Stepping Stones (22 Points) Consider a continuous random variable X whose PDF is illustrated in the figure below, where 0 < a and 0