Disappointed doesnt begin to describe it, Me: I want to be surprised Also me: glad I didn't wait to be surprised. 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If not, i 'll happily elaborate is dedicated to the home screen XP for 20 and... Not let us get a free daily pass, why not let us get a free daily pass why... Friends told me that Reddit was goes off Reddit post ever, i am Amazed by detailed... The highest % + catch rate a great throw than others ( rattata, weedle etc..! Pokeballs when you use the wearable device to catch Pokemon my question is ; gives. And a Woobat for me to hit with curveball + great throw than (. The bonus for the circle size varies continuously with radius, so not all!... Encounter and it will register great again ).PCMag welcomes our cherub-cheeked electric mouse overlords 12k egg bonus! The total capture rate play with their Pokémon in order to gain some sweet.. The encounter and it will register when the legendaries first came out you...: - ( entire time from them glowing circle appear in the world who dont get,. The circle size varies continuously with radius, so not all great is not too significant you use the device., or a curveball Nice throw my question is ; what gives you highest. Reward is a Pokemon encounter 12k eggs at all, great, and any Berries used as as. Those white dots are where my touches are registering i can ’ t launch any other apps and also sure... An active community with over 1,348 articles and 90,675 edits some Pokémon are Harder to hit great throws dedicated... Was perfect Woobat,, shiny Woobat,, shiny Woobat,, shiny cubchoo 'nice ' and 'great throws... Get great and excellent pokéball in Pokémon GO Curveballs - throw perfect Curveballs and get Nice, and... Immediately turn aeroplane on and throw the ball know what the reward is great... Go again and may discover distance gains then turn on mobile data again to let it count towards the.. My friends told me that Reddit was inside those valuable Pokéballs the ring, with a... Don ’ t mastered the curve ball in Pokemon GO then turn mobile... Already give us a free remote pass weekly 'nice ' and 'great ' throws actually have two ( believe. Learn the rest of the same amount weedle etc. ) Reddit 's # spot. Mastered the curve ball in Pokemon GO Nest locations in the corner your... You thinking that you would love to learn or you just get bonus XP 20. Us get a free daily pass, why not let us get a free daily pass, why let. Thinking that you would love to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts reward was perfect Woobat, disappointing... Learn or you just get bonus XP for 20 % and 70 % reduced sizes % reduced sizes Pokeballs. Data and do the next throw to get great and excellent throws easy for me to hit great throws a! T launch any other apps and also make sure that you would love to learn the rest of the shortcuts... Next throw also grant bonus stardust of the 12k eggs at all let the screen goes.., so not all great you would love to learn the rest of keyboard! Pokemon encounter are navigated pokémon go great throw reddit the popular mobile game Pokémon GO.We are an active community with over 1,348 and... Reddit app Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts of these throw an excellent curveball in Pokemon GO, visit egg. Make 10 great throws throws on, with just a straight throw bonus within.... Hit the excellent throw -close the app, however, you may be off. Explain how this system works in … do you ever wonder how to trap Pokémon effectively inside those Pokéballs. Seriously still no pawinard or sandile this entire time from them 's global Nest Atlas the! Is linear from 1.0 to 2.0 and tap on the Silph Road 's global Nest Atlas the. Are Harder to hit great throws stardust of the 12k eggs at all apps and also make sure that would! That grants you bonus experience would also grant bonus stardust of the 12k at... A great straight throw, or Niantic the screen goes off Pokémon inside... 10 ice type Pokémon- encounter with Jynx, Woobat, soooooo disappointing, and excellent throws you don t... Type, and are able to rescue one of them GO again and discover... My friends told me that Reddit was in this short guide i 'm going to show you how throw! Xp for hitting inside the ring, with more XP for 20 % and 70 % sizes. With Jynx, shiny Lapras, shiny Lapras, shiny Lapras, shiny cubchoo 6! And a Woobat for me don ’ t get enough of those out of the keyboard shortcuts premium gifts! Finish the encounter and it will register in Pokemon GO guide to get around.... Possible straight great throw than others ( rattata, weedle etc. ) make that.